We attended your golf school on July 16th and 17that The Intenational Golf Club, Myrtle Beach, SC. Our instructor was Mitchell Crum. He was an excellent instructor. He had patience and it was quite evident that he had a desire for us to learn. My husband and I both learned a great deal and hope to apply our new skills this weekend. If you get a chance to work with Mitchell, I think you will find him most knowledgeable in his field.

Dale Mays – Manakin-Sabot, VA

“I was at your golf school the last week in March. Ubie Gentile was our instructor the final three days. I brought an awful golf swing and an uncoordinated body to your school. Ubie really impressed me with his patience and his teaching skills. He wouldn’t take failure for an answer. Each time my body refused to do what Ubie recommended, he came up with another method. It took the entire three days for my body to get the message, but thanks to Ubie, I did. I know you have all kinds of great instructors, but only Ubie could have achieved the results that he did. My scores have dropped from the 130’s to the high 90’s, and I have just begun. Only Ubie could have shown me the way.”

Ed Corwin
Philomath, OR


“Both Jenny and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. I had no idea what to expect and was delightfully surprised by the whole program you presented to us. She’s now “hooked” by the golf experience and I have a whole new outlook on my game. I can’t wait to get out there and try all the new things you taught me (and I thought I knew it all). We’re looking forward to the fall when we can come back and show you our progress. Thanks again for your professional approach that you showed on behalf of your profession…you are truly an asset to the wonderful game of golf.”

Hank Haynes
Englewood, OH


“I attended your school at Barona Casino and Resort, and my instructor was Steve Bean. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how pleased I was with the process and the results. Steve is an excellent teacher who is attentive, knowledgeable, and very friendly. Your program with his teaching surpassed all my expectations and goals. I am energized about my golf game again!”

Rob Murphy
Cincinnati, OH


“The golf school – my first – has been an outstanding experience, which I will willingly and eagerly repeat. Don’s instruction has been thoroughly explained; problems gently corrected and redirected; focused, giving multiple ways of correcting a problem, finding simple, out of the bag ways to practice, self-correct and the improvement has been remarkable. A credit to a truly gifted instructor. Don recognized my clubs were too long and inflexible and went out of his way to find new clubs (making 3 trips to do so, and to replace one as well) and I have had two days to play with them and see the improvement, not only from his instruction, but also with better fitted clubs. We will definitely come back. What better evaluation can we give?”


Sherry Andre
Stamford, CT


“The school was very well run, geared to my way of playing with a view to changing only the bad habits, and how to identify reasons for mistakes. Excellent mix of technical and practical elements of golf. Don is a gifted teacher. The course is beautiful, challenging and fun. The practice areas are conducive to serious work. The accommodations are very comfortable. Overall I would gladly do it again, and probably will!”

Ted Malgarinos
Stamford, CT


“Just to let you know that Natalie and I had a wonderful time at our golf school. We got plenty of personalized attention, and you are right, Tom is an excellent and patient instructor. Now all we have to do is practice what we learned!!”

Helen Crompton
Morrisville, NC


“It is my pleasure to compose this letter of appreciation for a most enjoyable three days at International Golf Club, Myrttle BeachSC. I would like you to know that Golf Pro, Joe Bernat, helped me to identify and correct major problems in my game. Peter’s approach to a student’s needs are insightful. Joe may never see how he changed my game, but I will retain and use everything I learned these three days. Other students would be most fortunate to learn under him.”

Hugh (Jim) Kelleher
North Bellmore, NY


“I would like to tell you about the great golf experience I had at Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos Californialast week and the excellent golf instruction I received from teaching professional Jason Hayes. Jason was patient with me and extremely knowledgeable. I am a bit of a slow learner, but he took the time to teach me everything I needed to know to develop myself into a competent golfer. He made my learning experience very pleasant. He told me that if I continued to apply what he taught me that my swing rhythm would develop, and it has. I have already applied the concepts he taught me and now my swing has developed to the point that I can make consistent contact with the ball. It is amazing. Anyway, I was a bit of a difficult student, yet he never gave up on me. He kept everything positive and he continually invested his time teaching me. I will be recommending Sea Pines and Golf Pro Jason Hayes to several of my friends. He is a great teacher and a fantastic golf professional. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Jason Hayes made my learning experience wonderful. He is a very patient and professional golf instructor. I will recommend him highly. I very much appreciate what Jason Hayes did for me at Sea Pines. Thank you.

Lewis Pease
Roseville, CA


“I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with my experience at your golf school at the OrangeCounty golf course inOrlando,FLFebruary 7-9. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Fleetwood and the three day school could not have been more rewarding. Tom was an excellent teacher, clearly excited about teaching and able to explain techniques and shots to me in a way that I totally understood. He was patient, generous, and just an all around delight to have as an instructor. His knowledge extended beyond simply teaching me the shots, and I learned so much about golf etiquette, equipment, rules and more. I would recommend Tom as a teaching pro to any of my golfing friends.”

Joy Parker
Columbus, OH


“Great understanding of students’ problems; many positive comments & suggestions; great sense of humor! A great learning experience, only limited by students’ ability to put suggestions into practice.”

Leland Holm
Racine, WI


“Very good time; enjoyed Joe’s communication style. He would always focus on the positive and encourage you along with tips. Kept the day and practice enjoyable.”

Dan Kramer


“My wife and I went to your school at Palm Valley Golf Club in January. I must say it was an experience like no other. We have been going to golf schools for the last 4 years. This is the first one that I can say, truly improved our game and attitude. The school I attended last year tried to teach everyone the swing of a former tour player fromCanada, what a joke that was. Out of the 7 people in our group none of us could swing the club in that manner and it strayed from all the golf instruction that my wife and I had received.. Your schools built on each players strengths and developed a custom program around our individual weaknesses. I guess this is why the Tour Players are so good. They all swing different, but have such great fundamentals. Thanks for teaching my wife and I correct practice habits and good fundamentals. We are no more searching for gimmicks or teaching systems that do not work. See you guys next year”.

David Owens


“ I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the experience I had at your golf school. I am a mid handicapper and wanted personal 1 on 1 instruction. I looked at many other golf schools on the internet. I could not believe the prices for 1 on 1 sessions at some other golf schools. After doing extensive research, I found out that most of the golf schools on the internet were no more than 2 or 3 years old. After finding out that you have been doing this for over 10 years I decided to take advantage of your 50% off special for 1 on 1 upgrades. Just wanted to let you know how fantastic your instruction team and reservation staff was during my first golf school experience.

My handicap has gone from a 20 to a 12 and I think I can get below 10 by this summer”.

Thank You

James Riddle

Indianapolis, IN


I went to one of your schools. It was at Inverrary CC and Resort inFlorida. My stay was from 7-17 to 7-22. My instructor, Gary Parrett, and I have to thank you for setting him up to teach me. His method of teaching is so comfortable to the student that you just have to learn. Through the years I’ve had many instructors, but none ever made me see that I CAN play this game of golf the wayGary did. I have learned a lot and am very glad I chose United States Schools of Golf. Rest assure that I will and have already recomend you to my golfing buddies.

Keeping it in the fairway………….Roy


“I attended your five day golf school at the Inverarry C.C. March 29 to April 2, 2010.

I found the experience to be outstanding. Jan Irso was professional, courteous, accommodating, and most of all an outstanding instructor. He and his staff lived up to your advertisements. Already I have advised a husband and wife couple to go to you at Sunrise and learn from what I consider the best Teaching Pro I have ever met.

It was a pleasure dealing with you folks and especially Dale Brady.”
Bob Kosiki
12 South Village Court
Branford, CT 06405


” Your brochure promised a foundation built on lasting fundamentals, a golf swing with just a few basic thoughts and dramatic improvements in my game. Having played the game for almost 20 years and having fluctuated between a 16 and 19 handicap I was somewhat skeptical of the promises in your brochure. I am writing this letter to apologize to you for any skepticism I might have had. I have consistently improved since my lessons. I praise both your school’s structure and your staff.”

Larry M. Bolton, Attorney
801 W. Big Beaver Road.
5th Floor
Troy, Michigan 48084

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