Full Release Grips

Full Release Grips:
Called "The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years!" by Publinks Magazine.

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Feel Golf Full Release X-Line Designer Available : White - Red - Blue - Yellow THE OFFICIAL GOLF GRIP OF THE U.S. GOLF SCHOOLS HIT THE BALL FARTHER AND GET RID OF THAT SLICE! A Set of 13 Full Release PERFORMANCE Grips in the X-Line Designer Colors Each set of 13 revolutionary Game and DISTANCE Improvement grips comes with free Grip Tape, and a free "Release Like a Pro" instructional DVD, a 19.95 value. The 13-grip set has: 13 amazing X-Line Designer performance grips Grip Tape "Release Like a Pro" instructional DVD A $19.95 VALUE Article, with what you can expect Performance Chart Called "The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years!" by Publinks Magazine. With "The Full Release " performance grip, see how fast your distance and accuracy improves. "The Full Release" patented grip has 88 % customer satisfaction Received 4 out of 5 approval rating from PGA Tour Partners testing group. The TaperTip™ Technology “Reverse Design” of this grip being thinner at the top with a gradual taper to being thicker for the bottom hand control- similar to the handle of a baseball bat - allows you to easily grip (not hold) the club with your fingertips. (the traditional grip forces you to have a palm grip, which causes loss of distance , wayward ball flight and the “Old Hole in the Glove”). The Full Release grip, used by Tour players like Bill Glasson, a 7 time Tour winner has more and more Tour players discovering increase in their performance. When The Full Release grip can improve a Tour players game, think what the grip can do for you! The grip allows you to easily release your hands through impact delivering an increase in ball speed, more control, and increased confidence, and oh, did we say MORE DISTANCE! Independent testing shows that this grip greatly reduces wayward ball flight and will increase distance. This result is by having the grip in their fingers in turn causes a more powerful and "Full Release" at impact. NOW that's greater distance & fewer wayward shots. The "Full Release" gives you a correct Tour player like grip the very first time you use for an easier and more powerful release at impact, which increases distance, while reducing wayward ball flight!

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