The Smart Stick

The Lazer Smart Stick is a training tool with a two-fold purpose.

Path and Plane

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Details:The built-in industrial lasers – utilized by the U.S. military on many of its rifles – are powerful enough to be used outdoors in bright sunlight with the beam clearly displayed on the grass. Meanwhile, the Smart Stick’s wrist bar teaches golfers to keep their left wrist flat at the top of the swing, how to hinge their wrist 90 degrees, and how to maintain clubhead lag on the downswing. The product was originally the idea of renowned PGA Teaching Professional Martin Hall, who had made a crude version to help him teach on the lesson tee. One of his enterprising students – Tom Paul – liked it so much that he further developed it, adding the wrist bar. “For the last 10 or 15 years, I’ve come to appreciate how important swing plane is when hitting a golf ball toward a target,” says Hall, the PGA director of instruction at Ibis Golf & Country Cub in West Palm Beach, Fla. “For a long time, there have been laser attachments to put on a club. They were always low-light red lasers. I thought it would be wonderful if they ever made a laser bright enough to use outside during the day. “I got the idea for the green lasers from a putting device I read about. I called the company, which is no longer inbusiness, and the guy told me to go online and find a green laser. They were $120 each. I ordered two and installed them in the end of this PVC pipe. Lo and behold, it was good even in the brightest Florida sunlight.” Upon seeing it during his lesson from Hall, Paul immediately told Hall they should go into business selling them. “He made some prototypes and since then, has put a lot of effort in, slicked it up, and put on the wrist bar,” says Hall. “It does a lot more than keep the lasers pointing online. It gives you the right amount of wrist cock going back and helps you stall the wrist angle coming down, which all teachers know is really important. “It really allows you to make a damnnear perfect golf swing. For teachers, it’s golden. A lot of us as teachers will grab hold of the club and then move it for the students and say ‘It should be about here.’ Well you’re never quite sure if the shaft is at the right angle. But if I do it with The Smart Stick, I absolutely know that the shaft’s pointing where it should be. I can put them in the perfect alignment at the finish of the backswing and start of the downswing – which you’ve never been able to do before unless you were teaching indoors. ”The Smart Stick’s wrist bar is great for increasing wrist cock, delaying the unhinging on the downswing, and very good for the correct wrist motion through the hips. Several tour professionals have begun using it, including one who had previously make-shifted a version of a broomstick with a flashlight on the end. Adds Paul: “It allows you to see and feel the swing at the same time. There’s nothing else that gives you instant visual feedback as you’re swinging, to let you know that when you’re practicing you’repracticing perfect. When tour professionals started giving me the same reaction, I knew . What is it? The Smart Stick™ is a technologically advanced golf swing training aid that allows for continual visual feedback. Two high powered green lasers instantaneously show you where your club is throughout your entire swing. The unique training aid will teach you the three P’s of golf: Plane, Power and Precision. Visit to see informative videos about Plane, Power and Precision. By using The Smart Stick™, you will eliminate ugly slices and hooks from your golf game. Training with this device provides you instant feedback, allows you to see mistakes, and helps you make immediate corrections. No expensive video equipment required! The Smart Stick™ can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors, even during the sunniest days when you are practicing at the range. It is simple to use and requires no special attachments other than a straight line used to simulate the aim line. The Smart Stick™ is compact and is easily stored in your golf bag. Keeping your swing sharp and on plane has never been easier. The two built-in green lasers are industrial quality with a 4000 hour diode - equivalent to five-hundred eight hour days of laser “on” time. The special design of these powerful lasers enables the Smart Stick™ device to be used outdoors in the brightest of sunlight withthe green beam showing up clearly on the green grass. No other lasers provide this outdoor performance Testimonials “For the golfer that wants positive visual feedback this is the best ever golf training aid.” – PGA Teaching Professional Bob Lennon “My #1 [player], who has been hitting the ball awful for about a week, used the Smart Stick™ for 30 minutes before his round today, grooving his takeaway, and shot 68 - thank you!” – Erin Brilhart, Head Coach, Mt. Saint Mary’s University Golf Team “…after only a couple of weeks with the Smart Stick™, I hit the ball with an ease and into places never before accomplished. I was one inch away from a hole-in-one on a 178 yard par three.” – Beasley Reece, Former NY Giant All Pro and Current Sports Anchor “Had a great trip to Bandon Dunes…Played great, and I think it is due in large measure to the Smart Stick™ getting me back on plane.” – Andy Rubin The Smart Stick™ comes with a 30 day money back guaranteeudes: • Free Instructional DVD by Martin Hall • User Guide • Wrist Bar • 4- AAA Batteries • 2- 4000 hour green laser diodesns.

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